Alfred Lambs Rum - 1939 - 700ml

Alfred Lambs Rum - 1939 - 700ml

Alfred Lambs Rum

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United Rum merchants Special ConsignmentLimited Edition Puncheon: Alfred lambss Special Reserve RumBottled at: DumbastonDate of Distillation: 9th September 1949Country of Origin: Jamaica United Rum Merchantshas a history as old as the rum trade itself, dating back to the early 18th century when Clipper ships first brought their cargoes of potent spirit across the Atlantic from the West Indies to the granite harbours of teh West Country.The rum, stored in three huge casks caled Puncheons, lay undisturbed for the next four decades, during which time Britain never had it so good, man landed on the moon, Flower Power blossomed and faded, the Berlin Wall rose and fell, and the price of a bottle of Lambs Navy rose from 33/- Recently, the matured spirit was transferred to special bottles, sealed, and named Alfred Lambs Special Reserve Rum, in hounour of one of the greatest names in the history of rum. This Special Consignment of rare premium rum is only available in very limted supply and each bottle has been individually numbered for authenticity. Alfred Lambs Special Reserve provides a unique opportunity to savour the delights of traditional rum distillation, and to enjoy the oldest rum ever produced by Alfred Lamb;

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