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The property was inherited by Wilfrid Franc de Ferrière, the youngest child of Jean and Olga. After obtaining his Agricultural Engineering degree in Bern, Switzerland he married Jacqueline Sinclair in 1988 in Christchurch New Zealand. They moved to Carbonneau in 1992 to run the property. It was at this stage that the replanting of the vineyard, modernisation of the winery and the restoration of the chateau began.

The property was inherited by Olga Franc de Ferrière from her parents. Jean and Olga had five children. Jean's international career as director of Alsace Potash meant that the property was run by a tenant farmer.

The property was bought by Harold and Claude Ray. Harold was a former English army officer who had emigrated to New Zealand in the early 1900's. He met his future wife Claude on a beach in Deauville during the Frist World War. Claude was the only daughter of General Jules Cheminon and Eugénie de Massalitinoff, a Russian aristocrat. Harold and Claude had one daughter, Olga Ray, born in 1925 in Kaiaua, New Zealand and who married Jean Franc de Ferrière in 1946 in Pessac sur Dordogne. During this period the property was run as a mixed farm with dairy cattle, vineyards, fruit orchards and crops.

The earliest known owner of Carbonneau dates back to 1823; his name was Jacques Fouignet-Verbacle. One of his descendants, Blanche Fougniet married Jean Jacques Bachan in 1878. Jean Jacques Bachan had been Justice of the Peace in Algeria, magistrate in France before becoming Mayor of Pessac sur Dordogne. The construction of Carbonneau as it is today began around 1860 and was completed by the addition of the magnificent Napoleon III conservatory. Jean Jacques Bachan and his wife had no children and after his death the property was sold.

'Carbonneau' takes its name from charcoal production probably in the Middle Ages. The region must have been covered with oak forests that were gradually replaced by different crops including vines. There are also vestiges of prehistoric and roman life.


Duckhorn Vineyards

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A Premier Producer of Bordeaux Varietal Wines
Co-founded by Dan and Margaret Duckhorn in 1976, Duckhorn Vineyards has spent almost forty years establishing itself as one of North America’s premier producers of Napa Valley wines. From its modest inaugural vintage of 800 cases of Cabernet Sauvignon and 800 cases of Merlot in 1978, to its addition of Sauvignon Blanc in 1982, Duckhorn Vineyards has crafted a tradition of quality and excellence that continues today.

Merlot Focus
Fundamental to that tradition was the early decision by Duckhorn Vineyards to focus on the production of Merlot. Though many Napa Valley wineries were using Merlot as a blending grape in the late seventies, few were exploring the potential of this varietal as a stand-alone wine. A great fan of Merlot since traveling to St. Emilion and Pomerol, Dan Duckhorn felt that this elegant varietal was under appreciated in North America. "I liked the softness, the seductiveness, the colour," says Dan, "the fact that it went with a lot of different foods; it wasn't so bold, didn't need to age so long, and it had this velvety texture to it. It seemed to me to be a wonderful wine to just enjoy. I became enchanted with Merlot."

Committed to Quality
The quality of Duckhorn Vineyards' wines has always been based on a commitment to selecting the finest fruit. Whether carefully sourcing grapes from top sites in the Napa Valley or committing itself to estate vineyards, the winery was built on the belief that great wines begin in the vineyard. At Duckhorn Vineyards this has always meant an emphasis on site and terroir.

Seven Estate Vineyards
Today, the winery's seven estate vineyards are located in alluvial fans of the Napa Valley as well as on the coveted slopes of Howell Mountain. Winemaker Renee Ary has numerous vineyard blocks to choose from, each offering markedly different flavour profiles.
An Artisan's Approach
Dedicated to making wines that reflect the unique character and quality of the vineyards, Renee strives to understand the needs and opportunities presented by each specific terroir and microclimate. By approaching each vineyard block individually, Renee's goal is to harvest when the flavours have reached their peak and the tannins are at their softest. In the winery, Renee applies an artisan's approach to winemaking, blending from almost 200 distinctive lots using taste and instinct, not formula. Wines are barrel-aged separately by vineyard lot, utilising an extensive barrel program that sources 25 different types of oak from 13 separate cooperages. The resulting wines combine accents from a comprehensive barrel program with grapes from diverse smaller appellations within the broader Napa Valley, including Howell Mountain, Carneros, Yountville, Rutherford and St. Helena. For nearly four decades, the commitment to crafting wines of distinction has remained at the heart of the Duckhorn Vineyards philosophy. As its Napa Valley estate properties continue to mature under Renee's stewardship, the winery will continue creating world-class wines from exceptional vineyards.