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Hoxton Gunpowder & Rosehip Pink Gin 50cl

Hoxton Gunpowder & Rosehip Pink Gin 50cl

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Hoxton Gunpowder & Rosehip Pink Gin: A Uniquely Floral Gin Experience (50cl)

Looking for a pink gin that breaks the mould? Look no further than Hoxton Gunpowder & Rosehip Pink Gin. This London-distilled spirit offers a captivating exploration of floral and citrus notes, underpinned by the surprising intrigue of gunpowder tea.

A Bold Colour with a Delicate Aroma

Hoxton Pink Gin pours a beautiful rose gold, hinting at the floral wonders within. On the nose, the juniper – the defining characteristic of gin – takes a backseat, allowing a delightful interplay of rose and grapefruit to take centre stage. The rose isn't overpowering, but presents itself with a delicate sweetness. Hints of chamomile peek through, adding a touch of complexity. The gunpowder tea is subtle but intriguing, adding a touch of earthiness and a whisper of tannin.

A Taste Explosion: Floral, Citrusy, with a Touch of Spice

The first sip of Hoxton Pink Gin is a revelation. The juniper asserts itself gently, providing a foundation for the symphony of flavours that follow. The rose comes alive on the palate, offering a sweet floral character balanced by the zesty tang of grapefruit. The chamomile adds a touch of soothing warmth, while the gunpowder tea emerges more prominently, leaving a subtle tannic grip on the tongue. Liquorice adds a subtle depth in the background, while elderflower brings a touch of lightness. The overall impression is one of delightful complexity, where no single flavour dominates.

A Gin for All Palates

Hoxton Pink Gin's unique flavour profile makes it surprisingly versatile. Unlike many pink gins that lean towards sweetness, this one offers a delightful dryness that makes it appealing to a wider range of palates.

  • Gin & Tonic:  For a refreshing take on the classic G&T,  combine 50ml of Hoxton Pink Gin with 150ml of high-quality Indian tonic water. Garnish with a twist of grapefruit peel and a sprig of fresh rosemary for an extra touch of intrigue.
  • Blush Spritz: This light and bubbly cocktail is perfect for summer gatherings. Combine 35ml of Hoxton Pink Gin with 25ml of fresh lemon juice, 20ml of elderflower liqueur, and top with soda water. Garnish with a rose petal for a touch of elegance.
  • The Bloomsbury:  This sophisticated cocktail takes inspiration from Hoxton's London roots. Combine 50ml of Hoxton Pink Gin with 25ml of Lillet Blanc and 25ml of dry vermouth. Stir with ice and strain into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.

More Than Just Pretty in Pink

Hoxton Gunpowder & Rosehip Pink Gin is a gin that defies expectations. It's more than just a beautiful pink colour in a bottle. This spirit offers a unique and captivating flavour profile that is both floral and citrusy, with a touch of unexpected intrigue from the gunpowder tea. Whether you're a seasoned gin enthusiast or just starting to explore the world of pink gins, Hoxton Pink Gin is sure to surprise and delight.

Looking for a pink gin that offers something different? Order your bottle of Hoxton Gunpowder & Rosehip Pink Gin from The General Wine Co. today and experience the magic for yourself!


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