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Angostura Orange Bitters 10cl

Angostura Orange Bitters 10cl

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Angostura Orange Bitters 10cl: The Soul of Exceptional Cocktails (and More)

At The General Wine, we understand the importance of the perfect ingredients. While base spirits and liqueurs take centre stage, bitters play a crucial role in crafting exceptional cocktails. Among these, Angostura Orange Bitters holds a special place. This 10cl bottle packs a powerful punch of citrus and spice, adding remarkable depth and complexity to your favourite drinks.

A Legacy of Flavour

First introduced in 1930s, Angostura Orange Bitters hails from the renowned House of Angostura, established in Trinidad and Tobago in 1824. The recipe remains a closely guarded secret, but we do know it features a blend of tropical orange peels and a symphony of exotic spices. This unique combination translates into a flavour profile unlike any other.

Tasting Angostura Orange Bitters: A Symphony for the Senses

Due to its concentrated nature, Angostura Orange Bitters isn't meant to be enjoyed neat. However, a few dashes on a spoon can reveal its captivating essence.

  • Aroma: The initial impression is a burst of bright, zesty orange peel, reminiscent of freshly squeezed sunshine. As you delve deeper, subtle hints of warm spices like cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves emerge, creating a truly captivating aroma.
  • Palate: The flavour explodes on the tongue with a wave of intense orange citrus. The zesty notes are balanced by a touch of sweetness, followed by a warming sensation from the secret blend of spices. The finish is long and lingering, leaving a pleasant citrus aftertaste.

Beyond the Cocktail Glass: Culinary Applications for Angostura Orange Bitters

While Angostura Orange Bitters reigns supreme in the realm of cocktails, its versatility extends far beyond the bar. The unique flavour profile can elevate various culinary creations:

  • Savoury Sauces:  A few dashes of Angostura Orange Bitters can add a touch of complexity to barbecue sauces, marinades, and remoulades.
  • Seafood:  The bright citrus notes pair wonderfully with fresh seafood. Try adding a dash or two to marinades for prawns, scallops, or grilled fish.
  • Chocolate:  A touch of Angostura Orange Bitters can enhance the richness of chocolate desserts. Experiment by adding a few dashes to chocolate cake batter, mousses, or even chocolate sauces.

Unlocking the Potential of Angostura Orange Bitters in Cocktails

Now, let's explore the true magic of Angostura Orange Bitters: cocktails! Here are some classic and contemporary recipes that showcase its versatility:

  • The Old Fashioned: This timeless drink receives a delightful citrus twist with the addition of Angostura Orange Bitters.
  • The Daiquiri:  A few dashes of Angostura Orange Bitters adds a touch of complexity to this refreshing rum-based cocktail.
  • The White Negroni:  This modern twist on the classic Negroni utilises gin, white Lillet, and a touch of Angostura Orange Bitters for a lighter and brighter flavour profile.
  • The Boulevardier:  Bourbon takes centre stage in this Negroni variation, and Angostura Orange Bitters adds a touch of citrus magic.
  • The Blood and Sand:  This visually stunning cocktail features Scotch whisky, cherry brandy, orange juice, and a dash of Angostura Orange Bitters for a touch of spice.

Tips for Using Angostura Orange Bitters

  • Less is More:  Due to its concentrated nature, a few dashes (typically 2-3) are sufficient to elevate your cocktails and culinary creations.
  • Freshness Matters:  For the best flavour, store your Angostura Orange Bitters in a cool, dark place. An unopened bottle can last for years, while an opened bottle will retain its quality for up to 3-4 years.

The General Wine: Your One-Stop Shop for Premium Bitters

At The General Wine, we are passionate about providing our customers with the finest ingredients to craft exceptional drinks and culinary experiences. Angostura Orange Bitters is a must-have for any well-stocked bar or kitchen.

Browse our extensive selection of bitters online or visit our store to explore the world of flavours. Our knowledgeable staff is always happy to assist you in finding the perfect bitters to elevate your next creation.

In Conclusion

Angostura Orange Bitters is a versatile and essential ingredient that goes far beyond the realm of cocktails. Its unique blend of citrus and spice adds depth and complexity to both drinks and culinary creations. With this detailed guide and recipe suggestions, you're now equipped to unlock the full potential of Angostura Orange Bitters and elevate your home bar and kitchen experiences.


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