Wedding Wine Tasting! Book Now!

Wedding Wine Tasting! Book Now!

Are you getting married or know anyone approaching their happy day? 

Are you worried about finding the perfect wine to complement your special day but not spend a fortune?  Well fret no more!

Book now for The General Wine Company's first Wedding Wine Tasting event on May 21st in our new tasting room close to our Liphook Shop.


Book a personal tasting session with one of our premier wine experts, Harry Davies, and taste an array of wines to match your wedding menu.  

Call Harry on 01428 727744 to discuss your Wedding wine wishes!


Find out what extras we can offer to make your day extra special including: -

  • personalised wine labels
  • matching wine/food menus
  • free glass hire
  • free local delivery

Congratulations on your up and coming celebration!



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