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Bodegas Paco Garcia - White Tempranillo - 750ml

Bodegas Paco Garcia

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"Murillo de Rio Leza (La Rioja) cradle of White Tempranillo. This variety was born in 1988 in our village. One vine decided to provide white grapes instead of black. Nature is wise and if Murillo chose to give birth to this new variety, we are left to thank him ”.

In 1988, a winegrower from Murillo de Rio Leza discovered that a Tempranillo grape strain produced bunches of red and white grapes at the same time. This spontaneous genetic mutation, very similar to what would be a case of albinism, gave rise to the Tempranillo Blanco variety. Our White Tempranillo has been harvested manually in our La Finca del Yergo vineyards (3.5 hectares planted in 2014 and 3.5 planted in 2015) adjacent to a beautiful pine forest. The soil has a sandy loam structure with a significant weight of calcareous component (70% Sand + 30% Silt + completely paved surface). This soil allows excellent water drainage and moderate production. Northwest orientation with crossing winds. Cool area to be on a plateau higher than Murillo. 550 masl. After the harvest, and once in the winery, we separate the grape grains from the stalk and by means of natural gravity they enter the tank to macerate for a few hours and thus extract the acidity and structure of the tempranillo grape as well as more color and more aromas. It is then pressed (we separate the skins and the seeds) and we take the resulting liquid to 10,000-liter, double-jacketed, frustoconical and inverted frustoconical stainless steel tanks to begin to ferment at low temperature. Subsequently, this wine is aged on its lees for eight months: half of the production in stainless steel tanks and the other half in 225-liter French oak barrels. This technique gives the wine more volume, smoothness and a citric and floral varietal character. Then it is mixed / joined again and bottled to provide the final integration of the wine, its roundness and so that its aromatic persistence is perfect for its release on the market.


This wine has a fabulous and very unique nose: it has a mixture of citrus (lemon leaf, orange blossom) and fruit (apricot and pineapple) notes with small touches of honey, mint, cedar and mineral. In addition, it inherits from the Tempranillo Tinto its great structure in the mouth and gives us a wine with volume and length. Try it now and check it out later. Given the acidity, structure and time in the barrel that this wine has, you will be able to enjoy it today, tomorrow, the day after, and in a couple of years. It will appease its freshness and increase its finesse, (it depends and what you prefer) and it will never lose its beauty. Our Paco García Tempranillo Blanco is a complex work of art that fascinates the palates of anyone who is willing to enjoy a good white wine.

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