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An Introduction to Bodegas Paco Garcia

With a grand family tradition, the Bodegas Paco García crafts modern and flavourful wines, in limited production, which have earned their grand international prestige. The Bodegas Paco García winery is situated in the town of Murillo alongside the Río Leza river, in the Rioja Denomination of Origin in Spain. This winery has grapevines situated at 1,380 feet (420 Meters) above sea level in a small valley between the Sierra Cantabria in the northeast, and the Clavijo Mountains in the southeast. Juan Bautista García, the son of Paco García, started this family winemaking project in the year of 2008 after six years of experience working in family wineries. Juan García did not think that the young wines he was creating for other wineries were the best and most seductive young wines possible which helped to motivate him to craft the modern, fruity, and sweet wines of his own winery, the Bodegas Paco García winery. The image of the Bodegas Paco García is a black handprint which signifies the hand craftsmanship and handwork of each and every wine by this winery. The Bodegas Paco García winery has 40 hectares of grapevines spread out over seven different vineyards in the region. These vineyards cultivate the Tempranillo, Grenache, and Graciano grapes used to produce this winery´s red wine under the Rioja DOC. The most well-known wines of Bodegas Paco García are: Paco García Reserva, Paco García Crianza, Paco García Seis, and Beautiful Things de Paco García. The main grape varietal of these wines is the infamous Spanish Tempranillo and recently this winery has been awarded grand national and international awards for their wines, and they have also gained grand international prestigue.