Collection: Welcome to Italy - Giribaldi Winery

The Giribaldi winery began at the beginning of the 20th century and has been producing wines for three generations. In those days, times were hard, and agriculture was not only a means of income but also a real pride for those who loved their land even though it made them suffer so much. It was normal for them to make sacrifices for the land they brought up on.

Today, thinking of the traditions and love for something alive like wine, we simply continue the work of our father and grandfather with the same passion and devotion. We are a family not only because we represent the third generation of a wine family, but above all, because we are one big FAMILY made up of 10 people, who every day proudly work all together, and share the same passion.

Does the quality of the wine depend on the work done in the vineyards or in the wine cellar? This question is often asked. It is difficult to understand how important one or the other is. Without a doubt, everything starts from the vineyard and its position, the search for the perfect vine that matches the soil and microclimate and of course years of experience which is better than any book.

There are many factors that differentiate one vineyard from another and it is very important to know perfectly your own vineyards and soil, so that you can treat them accordingly, depending on their needs: every vineyard has its own time, its own slope, its own permeability etc.

Today, “organic” may seem like a market trend. However, for our winery “organic” means something very different. We started our organic grape growing back in 2001, and we obtained our first organic certification in 2004. This makes us one of the first organic wine producers.