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Carlota Suria Organic Brut Cava - 750ml

Carlota Suria

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Appearance: A pale, lemon yellow colour, with fine, uniform bubbles that are slowly released to make a fine, delicate, lasting head. Nose: Clean, deep citrus and ripe, yellow fruit nose: grapefruit, golden delicious apples, white grapes. Subtle notes of white flowers (acacia, calla lily), with fresh hints of moss and fresh hay. Mouth: Initially refreshing and round in the mouth, with a wonderful balance between acidity and maturity. Delicate, smooth bubbles resulting from the long ageing process in racks which produce a pleasant volume in the mouth. A long-lasting fruity sensation on the palate. Elegant and buttery with abaker’s yeast aftertaste. A wonderfully persistent clean, dry finish. Serving: Serve between 6ºC and 8ºC in medium-sized glasses with a wide body, slightly narrower at the top. Pour slowly down the side of the glass to avoid breaking the bubbles. It combines perfectly with all types of Hors d’oeuvre, ham, fruit salads and dried fruit and nuts, and spicy dishes such as Mexican tacos and crispy duck. Of course, it is also a perfect cava for confectionery, fruit tarts, etc., and fritters, fried fruit, flowers, etc. Note: Carlota Suria was the first cava made by Ana Suria and Vicente García, the founders of Pago de Tharsys in 1991 in their garage, and only 2000 bottles were made. This led to what Pago de Tharsys is known as today, and this cava still reminds us of the spirit leading to it: love, excitement, effort and a touch of madness.

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