Southwestern Distillery - Tarquins Handcrafted Cornish Pastis - 700ml - Spirits  - Cornwall, England, Pastis - Absinthe - Sambuca - Ouzo, Spirits- The General Wine Company - Delivered to your

Southwestern Distillery - Tarquins Handcrafted Cornish Pastis - 700ml

Southwestern Distillery

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The Uks First Pastis, Ever. Gold Medal Winner At The San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2014. Cornish Pastis Is A Modern Take On The French Anise Classic, And The First Of Its Kind To Be Created In The Uk;Foraged Gorse Flowers From The Atlantic Clifftops And Fresh Orange Zest Help To Deliver Its Fresh, Invigorating And Unique Aroma. Distilled Just Like Our Gin And Then Finished Off With A Touch Of Liquorice Root For Colour, The Drink Is Silky Smooth And Absolutely Spectacular; Anise, Orange And Coconut Is An Absolutely Classic Combination In Cooking/Patisserie. And The Gorse Is Able To Mimic The Coconut Nots Ever-So-Slightly, Making This Unusual Blend Work In Complete Harmony; - Tarquin, Head Distiller Botanicals We Use Green Aniseed And Sweet Fennel Seeds From Turkey, Along With Star Anise From China And Liquorice Root From Uzbekistan, To Create The Fragrant Backbone Of Our Silky-Smooth Pastis. The Citrus Aromas Come From The Fresh Fruit Zests Of Sweet Orange, Lemon And Grapefruit, From Wherever They Are In Season. We Also Add Angelica Root From Poland, Orris Root From Morocco, Green Cardamom Seeds From Guatemala, Juniper Berries From Kosovo And Cinnamon From Madagascar For A Depth Of Flavour And Experience;And Foraged Gorse Flowers From The Nearby Clifftops. How To Enjoy It Cornish Pastis And Water 1 Part Cornish Pastis To 2+ Chilled Mineral Water. Ice Is Optional. Cornish Pastis And Orange 1 Part Cornish Pastis And 5 Parts Orange Juice. Lots Of Ice. Try Serving It Up In A Wine Glass For A Fuller Aroma. Cornish Martini Add A Drop To Your Traditional Gin Martini To Experience Something Quite Remarkable!

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