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Germana - Cachaca Traditonal Banana Leaf - 700ml


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Built approximately 90 years ago the Vista Alegre Ranch dedicated its lands to banana and sugar cane plantation with 300 000 banana trees and 15 hectares of sugar cane all planted without the use of pesticides. The land is fertilized with the husk of the cane and is still ploughed using oxen. The cane is harvested without any use of fire and is washed and ground within 24 hours. The fermentation of the cane broth is natural &ndash using corn meal as a nutrient to the yeast found naturally in the sugar cane- and carried out in carbon steel vats for a period of 12 to 24 hours. The resultant wash is then distilled through a copper pot still and the heads and the tails are separated retaining only the noble part of the distillate the heart .

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