Isle of Wight Distillery: Handcrafted Island Spirits with a Hint of Sea Air

Isle of Wight Distillery: Handcrafted Island Spirits with a Hint of Sea Air

Looking for unique, ethically sourced spirits with a taste of the Isle of Wight? Look no further than the Isle of Wight Distillery, the island's first and only distillery. Founded in 2014, they are passionate about crafting smooth, complex spirits using local and sustainable ingredients.

Their Story: A Passion for Island Spirits

Longtime friends Xavier Baker and Conrad Gauntlett, with backgrounds in brewing and winemaking, embarked on a shared dream: crafting exceptional spirits on the Isle of Wight. Their commitment to quality and sustainability shines through in every bottle.

Sustainable from Farm to Bottle

They are dedicated to protecting the island's environment, actively minimising waste, utilising eco-friendly packaging, and sourcing ingredients responsibly. Their commitment to sustainability extends throughout the entire process, from farm to bottle.

Natural Ingredients for Unmatched Flavour

Using only the finest natural ingredients, many of which are sourced directly from the island. From rock samphire and Boadicea hops to elderflower and strawberries, each ingredient adds its unique character to their spirits.

Slow Distillation for Superior Quality

They employ a slow distillation process using column stills, capturing only the purest "hearts" of each batch. This meticulous approach results in our signature smooth and complex spirits.

Discover the Isle of Wight Distillery Difference


Introducing Mermaid Gin:

  • Handcrafted on the Isle of Wight since 2014 using 10 ethically sourced botanicals.
  • Smooth and complex flavour profile: featuring fresh organic lemon zest, peppery grains of paradise, and a unique hint of sea air from wild-foraged rock samphire.
  • Refreshing and invigorating: perfect for those seeking a taste of adventure.

Tasting Notes:

  • Aroma: Fresh citrus, sweet spice, and gentle juniper.
  • Taste: Citrus zing balanced by peppery spice, earthy sweetness, and a distinctive touch of sea air.
  • Finish: Long, layered, and complex with a well-rounded mouthfeel.

Discover the Mermaid's Kiss:

The Isle of Wight Distilleries  signature gin, Mermaid Gin, draws inspiration from its key botanical, rock samphire, known locally as "mermaid's kiss." This aromatic plant thrives on the island's cliffs, marking the high tide line on its beautiful beaches. Just as the mythical mermaid's kiss offered safe passage to sailors, the presence of rock samphire signalled safety from the raging seas for shipwrecked sailors and smugglers.

Embrace the spirit of the Isle of Wight and explore the world of Mermaid Gin today!

Mermaid Pink Gin: Award-Winning Flavor with Fresh Island Strawberries

Unveiling a Refreshing Twist: Indulge in the captivating taste of Mermaid Pink Gin, a masterpiece distilled on the sunny shores of the Isle of Wight. This award-winning spirit blends the essence of fresh, sun-kissed strawberries with their signature smooth and complex gin.

A Symphony of Flavours: 

On the nose, aromatic strawberries dance with zestful citrus and a touch of gentle juniper. The palate explodes with a vibrant symphony of berry notes, complemented by warming spices and a subtle hint of the sea air from their unique botanical, rock samphire.

Crafted with Passion: 

Each bottle of Mermaid Pink Gin embodies the dedication of their skilled distillers. Fresh Isle of Wight strawberries, grown in the rich Arreton Valley, are infused for four days before redistillation, resulting in an intensely aromatic and refreshingly layered gin.

Experience the Difference: 

Enjoy Mermaid Pink Gin neat, on the rocks, or as the foundation for a delightful cocktail. With no added sugar, this contemporary pink gin offers a perfectly balanced and vibrant taste experience.

Mermaid Zest Gin: Experience the Zest of the Island with Mermaid Gin

Unleash the vibrant flavours of the Isle of Wight with Mermaid Zest Gin, a zesty and aromatic infusion of their award-winning gin. This refreshing spirit captures the essence of the island, blending summer citrus fruits like grapefruit and bergamot with wild-foraged coastal botanicals like rosemary and rock samphire ("the dew of the sea").

Tasting Notes:

  • Aroma: Bright and fresh grapefruit with gentle juniper notes.
  • Palate: Zesty citrus zing with a subtle sweetness and herbal hints.
  • Finish: Long, layered, and complex with a well-rounded mouthfeel.


Inspired by the lush landscapes and natural world of the Isle of Wight, Mermaid Zest Gin is bottled in a classic emerald green glass, reflecting the island's verdant beauty. Locally sourced ingredients, including island-grown fruits and coastal botanicals foraged from the shores, contribute to the gin's unique character and taste of the island.

Mermaid Salt Vodka: Taste the Ocean in Every Sip

Experience the unique taste of the Isle of Wight with Mermaid Salt Vodka. Handcrafted with locally sourced sea salt and Isle of Wight spring water, this smooth vodka offers a delicate hint of the ocean, perfect for sipping neat or crafting adventurous cocktails.

Indulge in the taste of the ocean with Mermaid Salt Vodka, a handcrafted spirit distilled on the Isle of Wight, UK. This unique vodka is infused with a pinch of locally sourced sea salt, enhancing its smoothness and adding a subtle, savoury flavour.

Experience the sea air on the nose followed by a clean and long finish with every sip. Perfect for those who appreciate a distinctive and contemporary vodka, Mermaid Salt Vodka is a favourite among mixologists, adding a touch of coastal charm to classic cocktails like the dirty martini.

Crafted with meticulous care, each small batch of Mermaid Salt Vodka is grain distilled and blended with pure Isle of Wight spring water. The addition of Wight Salt, harvested using traditional methods with the sun's natural energy, contributes to the vodka's unique character with a hint of natural sweetness.


Tropical island blends crafted for sipping on island time. Carried on trade winds across the Atlantic from the sunny Caribbean and discovered basking in golden light on Isle of Wight shores, then married together with local fruits and spices.

Tasting Note

Infused on the Isle of Wight with fragrant rock samphire, fresh white cherry and apricot, honey from their beehives and black salt from our flood tides. Gently spiced with local holy grass, cassia and vanilla. Smooth yet complex, with a hint of sea air, delicate caramel notes and vibrant fruity spice.

Island Blends

Mermaid Spiced Rum is crafted from a carefully selected blend of sugar cane and molasses rum from Trinidad and the Dominican Republic, distilled in column stills and aged between 2 - 5 years in oak bourbon whiskey barrels. Inspired by a long history of shipwrecks bringing Caribbean rum to our island shores, the unique spirit was created to honour heritage and folklore.


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